The Dogs of Dowdy Ferry Road

The Dogs of Dowdy Ferry Road

The Dogs of Dowdy Ferry Road


A road less traveled

There is a street in Dallas where nearly every animal companion is in dire need of rescue. The street is named Dowdy Ferry Road. According to local rescue groups, this area is a dumping ground for sick, abused and unwanted dogs - where starved and terribly treated animals are discarded with trash in the woods and along the side of the road. It happens on a daily basis and has been documented by local newspapers. Read the heartbreaking details here.

Recently, a man named Corbin Ross Imgrund decided to join a small group of individuals and rescue groups who visit the area often, to save any little soul they can. He posted a GoFundMe campaign. His goal: " purchase several game cameras (and protective equipment for the cameras) that will be placed strategically around Dowdy Ferry road to catalog the strays in the area, locate them and rescue them, as well as support vet bills for the injured dogs that are still alive."

It starts with 1

We LOVE doers, and Corbin is a guy who's diving in and not watching from the sidelines. We contributed to his fund. And we can't wait to watch this venture get off the ground. After Corbin's initial posting, East Dallas rescue group, DallasDogRRR (100% run by volunteers where 100% of proceeds go toward the animals), is collaborating to take care of the dogs. We are rooting for Corbin, DallasDogRRR, and all the dogs of Dowdy Ferry Road. If you would like to watch this incredible group, their heartwarming rescues, and contribute to Corbin's fund which is going directly to DallasDogRRR to heal the dogs, you can do so here: Save the Dogs of Dowdy Ferry Road DallasDogRRR is a registered 501-C3 organization, which means that all the care for their animals is based on public donations. Your purchases of FarmHouse Fresh products made a difference! If you are moved by this team's efforts, consider making a private donation.

What you'll love about your donation is that you'll get email updates along the way from Corbin himself. It's such a highlight along the weekly hustle and bustle to know there's folks spending the time to actually get in the trenches and SAVE SOMETHING FURRY.