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Catching these creeps


Go Get'em!

We couldn't help ourselves. We had to donate. It seems there is no end to the amount of dogs being discarded on the side of the road in one area of Dallas - tortured, starved, and beaten -- what monsters are living among us that do this to animals? An amazing rescue group isn't waiting to find out.

When the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission posted a GoFundMe campaign for donations to purchase and install 8 more license plate tracking cameras (the same kind used by the U.S. Marshals), we said "Go Get 'Em!"

This Dallas-based rescue group works tirelessly every day -- discovering, documenting and on a very lucky day, saving dogs found discarded along the streets of Dallas. Let's hope these cameras help the police catch the deplorable people responsible.

Watch the TV News Special regarding this effort here.

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