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Nestled on a 10-acre hillside, our Sanctuary includes a medical stall and quarantine yard, multiple living areas, barns, gazeebos, and pastures. A robust track livery system and medical facility are coming soon.

The Pit Stop

This porch-front house serves as the last barn before animals walk across a bridge to reach our lower pastures. Its prime location makes it a necessary pit stop for all the animals requiring medical treatments after their breakfast. During the summer, we add misters to the porch roof. Because it houses our feed and medical supply room, horses are often lined up at the door or standing at the back window hoping it’s like a McDonald’s drive-through with free treats!

Gil's Barn

Gil's Barn was named after the wonderful man who brought us Flower, our first rescue sheep. This space was dedicated to him when he unexpectedly passed away. It's a warm space to call home for our growing herd of now eight sheep and two small goats – all of whom have come here to heal from their own personal struggles and tragedies.

Country Roads Barn

This porch barn has four extra-roomy stalls that our eight donkeys call home. During storms, we close the gates to their yard so the horses don't disturb them. The donkeys love piling into one stall, and finding just one or two donkeys in a stall together is a rare sight. They are big "groupies."

Elderly Alley

This 6-stall barn is located back down the alley where our eldest residents come to find peace and quiet. In winter, we sometimes add panels to seal off the area, ensuring they don't get any ideas and venture out onto icy landings.

Medical Yard & Recovery Stall

This specially built wood-lined stall has its own backyard surrounded by 10-foot moats on all sides, ensuring that new animals undergoing quarantine can live here without any health risks to other animals. Nonetheless, they can still see and communicate with one another, which is important! New animals often arrive and observe the other long-term residents to understand how they're treated by the staff and learn the routines of the ranch.

Country Cabanas

The north and middle pastures boast two large gazebos, which are the favorite hangout spots for practically everyone at the Sanctuary, especially for lazy afternoons. The Sanctuary team often performs enrichment activities here such as brushing, braiding hair, and providing massages.

Six Horse Saloon

This barn has direct access to the front yard, where all the happenings of the Sanctuary take place. The two farthest stalls are furnished with patios where our injured and special case animals reside during their long rehabilitation.

Stargazer’s Observatory

This porch home is a haven for our newest blind and deaf sheep, whom we lovingly named Stargazer. She rests and resides here. Within this cozy space, she finds solace with her beloved salt lick, a plush bed of timothy hay (which she adores and even snoozes on top of!), a fresh water source, and a cuddly stuffed bear companion.

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are scattered throughout the property and used by all the animals, big and small. It's impossible to say which body part is their favorite to itch – from ears and necks to bums and shoulders – a good scratch is all in a good day of play.

Ropes, Hulas, Bouncy Balls and Traffic Cones

If you can lift it, throw it, run with it, or tug of war with it, the donkeys want you to bring it to them the next time you visit! They love toys and truly have the time of their lives playing with each other from sunup to sundown.

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