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Meet Our Sanctuary Team

Our busy Sanctuary property is run by 8 employees, including degreed animal science team members, vet techs, ranch handlers, equine trainers and consummate animal advocates.

Our Sanctuary Manager, Elise Khan

Elise's passion for animal care led her to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Food & Agriculture Business at the University of Tennessee. She then ventured to New Zealand to work as an Assistant Herd Manager where she became an expert in calf rearing.

Returning to Maryland, Elise worked as a Farmers Market Coordinator and Farm Hand for a Dairy Goat Farm, where she cared for 100 milking goats and became an expert in their medical needs. Now as the Sanctuary Manager at FHF, Elise is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all the animals with her unmatched love and dedication. We are grateful to have her on our team!

It's an honor to care for the animals here - they're family and we have the best team caring for them!


Kyle is a seasoned ranch hand hailing from Allen, TX, who was raised around livestock all his life on his family's cattle ranch. Kyle's lifelong experience working with animals inspired him to pursue a degree in animal science, which led him to his current role at FHF. His favorite part of the job is treating animals' injuries and witnessing their oftentimes miraculous recovery progress. Kyle finds it incredibly rewarding to see the animals heal and thrive under his care, making every day on the ranch a fulfilling one.


After graduating from Texas A&M University in 2022 with a Bachelors in Animal Science, Sierra worked as an equine vet tech at Texas Equine Hospital, specializing in challenging horses and medical cases. Her passion for animal welfare shines through her work at FHF, where she provides animals with a fighting chance and a forever home filled with love and proper care. Sierra finds great fulfillment in participating in rescue missions, which drives what she does every day.


Jordon is a dedicated ranch hand who brings a wealth of experience in the farm and ranch industry. With six years of cattle doctoring at a feedlot and two years of cattle hauling under his belt, Jordon has a deep understanding of animal care. He takes great pride in tending to the animals at our FHF Animal Sanctuary and is passionate about improving their quality of life. Working alongside a fantastic team, Jordon finds it incredibly rewarding to assist with treatments and watch the animals make progress.

Julianna Geter

Julianna Geter is a graduate of Texas A&M University, holding a Bachelors in Animal Science. Currently, she is completing her certificate program at 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy, while also planning to pursue a Master’s in Ranch Management at King Ranch Institute. At FHF, Julianna enjoys caring for the Sanctuary's baby animals! Her absolute favorite moments include listening to the donkeys bray, watching the animals dash around, and spending quality time in the pen with her buddy, Stargazer. Seeing these animals living their best lives here at the Sanctuary brings her so much joy.


Madison is an exceptional ranch hand with a Bachelors in Animal Science from Tarleton State University whose devotion to animals knows no bounds. When she's not caring for her two beloved cats, Athena and Apollo, she can be found immersed in books or playing video games. Her ultimate dream is to establish her own animal sanctuary, where she can provide a loving home for all creatures great and small.


Amanda is an animal lover and expert ranch hand here at FHF. She has an impressive academic background, holding a Bachelor of Science in Animal Production and a Certificate in Equine Enterprise Management, as well as a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. Amanda is passionate about caring for all the animals at the sanctuary and takes pride in ensuring their well-being above all else. Her favorite part of working with the animals is when they get the "zoomies" and run around in a frenzy, which always brings a smile to her face!


After retiring from the telecommunications industry, Paul relocated from Alabama to Plano, Texas to marry his wonderful wife. For the past year, he has been working as a ranch hand at FHF, where he is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and ensuring the safety of the animals. With years of experience, he has honed his skills in fixing latches, gates, fences, and hoses, among other things. Paul finds great satisfaction in his work and takes pride in creating a safe and peaceful environment for all the farm animals. His favorite time of day is the morning when the horses and donkeys wake up and start moving, reminding him that every day is a new beginning for them all.


Ariel is our greenhouse manager who's been lending a helping hand on the ranch since 2022. Whether it's cleaning stalls, feeding, or spending extra one-on-one time with the animals, she's there to ensure every animal feels loved and cared for. Ariel finds it deeply fulfilling to form a bond with each unique animal and extend her knowledge on how to cater to their individual needs.


Jenna is an excellent ranch hand with an Associate's degree in Equine Science from North Central Texas College. With nearly five years of experience working on ranches, she has developed a strong passion for proper animal care. Jenna takes great pride in caring for the animals here at our Sanctuary, especially the baby goats! When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her furry companions: a dog and two cats. Working with an amazing team and watching over the animals at our Sanctuary brings her great joy!

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