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Our Mission

At the FarmHouse Fresh Farm Animal Sanctuary, we rescue, rehabilitate and provide a forever home to neglected animals needing immediate help, and long-term specialized care.

Animals deserve better than to be be discarded carelessly. They were loved family members, workers, and companions and the suffering they experience will only stop if we collectively merge our efforts to make sweeping change. We're doing just that. Collaborating with other rescues and pushing for legal changes in the humane treatment of animals.


We rescue animals in greatest need - destined for slaughter - many have suffered extreme abuse, neglect, starvation, injuries and accidents. We specialize in starvation refeeding programs, injuries requiring surgery and long term rehabilitation, elderly care, blindness, life-after-amputation and more.



Our team of 9 employees include degreed animal science team members, vet techs, ranch handlers, equine trainers and consummate animal advocates. Because of our unique backgrounds, and volunteer support, our rehabilitation programs include daily specialized feedings, medical care, focused therapies, and enrichment.


We seek out leading edge veterinary services for the animals in our care. And we follow 2 guiding principles:
1. Every animal is family. We are their advocate and they will be cared for as we would a human family member;
2. Ensure quality of life, so that they would thank us, if we were to meet them again when we cross the rainbow bridge.

Innovative Medicine

Individualized quality of care is incredibly important to us, so we have created a network of top veterinarians, surgeons and hospitals to treat the animals in our care. We drive 3 hours if necessary, and fly in leading specialists to ensure the most advanced therapies and medicines are applied.

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From a novel custom vaccine, to advanced wound care tools, prosthetics, comfort boots and unique hoof trimmings, we believe in finding, supporting and advancing the use of proven therapies so that they become more readily available and commonplace in helping animals heal.

Our Founder

Shannon McLinden, Founder of FarmHouse Fresh skincare, started our nonprofit, using funds from skincare purchases, so that everyday products can be actioned for a greater good and help abused animals. She has been an animal lover since she was a small child and now works joining forces across rescue groups, veterinarians, and humane legislation advocates to ensure the impact is larger, and lasting.


Our Medical Team

We have a phenomenal medical team! Our head Veterinarian & Podiatrist, Dr. Metcalf, specialized in trauma cases, with 10 years at a Referral Clinic. Specialized surgeries are performed by Dr. Vlahos of Yellowstone Equine, and 2 additional farriers - Glen Richards (specializing in wild unhandled equines) and Matt Byars of Dallas Farriers - work with our equine’s hooves and extensions. Daily wound managment, compression wraps, sutures, nail trimmings, wool sheering and hoof therapies are administered by our team.

Skincare Volunteers

We are incredibly lucky. Our skincare Headquarters team donates their time and creative resources to regularly assist with animal care, and capturing the stories and progress of the animals at our Sanctuary. It allows our "inside" team to apply their passion for animals + their photography, video, and marketing talents to help spread the word. This ensures that Sanctuary funds are solely used toward core operations: food, medicines, daily care, veterinary services and habitat/living quarters where the animals reside.

Why Horses & Donkeys Suffer Brutal Slaughter

The vast majority of horses who become victims of the slaughter industry could be sold, donated or otherwise rehomed. But once a horse goes to auction, "kill buyers" outbid legitimate horseowners and rescues, robbing horses of ever having a second chance at life. The methods of slaughter in Mexico are inhumane - you would not want this for your horse.


Help Us Give Animals
the Life They Deserve

100% of your donation going to save neglected animals
and providing critical medical care, housing, and nutrition.

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