Lisa Kudrow Glows With Moon Dip for The Reunion of Friends

We grew up loving Phoebe, and we were OVER THE MOON when makeup artist to the stars, Brett Freedman told us he chose Moon Dip Facial Mousse to bring a glow to Lisa Kudrow's skin at the highly anticipated Friend's Reunion. And did she ever! Fans posted how beautiful she looked - like a day never passed from the time we all sat on our couches and laughed into the evening.

FarmHouse Fresh Prep For A Stunning Complexion

For luminous skin, that doesn't irritate sensitive complexions and has you waking up without a tight dehydrated look or feel, choose Moon Dip Ageless Facial Mousse. Moon Dip hydrates without being oily, has a voluptuous whipped and airy feel, and leaves a finish that catches light and makes skin look stunning!

Advanced peptides - Consumer reviews have shown that within weeks our advanced peptide brings a refreshingly youthful new look you'll love.

Encapsulated Retinol (vitamin A) is an antioxidant powerhouse that renews radiance -- with slow release so there is no irritation.

Jojoba oil - Closest oil to what the body naturally produces - helps moisturize and nourish skin without clogging pores.

To give Lisa's skin that healthy glow that can only come from sheer hydration, I prepped her face with FarmHouse Fresh's Moon Dip Facial Mousse. The perfect kiss of moisturizer that never feels heavy or interfere's with makeup.

- Brett Freedman, Celebrity Makeup Artist