Your Shipments are Funding a Clean Future


We know you care about the planet, and we do too. That’s why for every order you place, we are offsetting the climate impact of every shipment, at no cost to you. Today and every day. From landfill gas capture, to tree preservation, to renewable energy projects, we’re partnering with two leading organizations in the carbon offset business, Terrapass and Clearloop, to help us turn everyday purchases into green initiatives.

Here’s what we’re accomplishing, together.

We’re offsetting 100% of carbon emissions from every shipment by supporting the following projects:

•      Landfill gas capture: Landfill gas capture projects that turn garbage into power by capturing the methane released by organic waste as it breaks down.        
•      Renewable energy: Renewable energy projects that generate clean electricity from renewable sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.                            
•      Forest management: Capturing carbon dioxide (C02) in the trunks, leaves, branches, and roots of trees, to improve forest management to mitigate carbon.

When you shop FHF – you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part, too.