2 Weeks to Red Carpet Radiance: Marlee Matlin's Pre-Event Prep

Are you ready to shine like a celebrity on the red carpet? Look no further than Marlee Matlin's pre-event prep routine for the Oscars 2023.

Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman spills the beans on how to achieve a star-worthy look using Farmhouse Fresh® products. Get ready to steal the spotlight with this winning routine!

2 Weeks Before: Boost Cell Turnover

Brett starts his award season prep two weeks in advance with a "Treatment Week" to boost cell turnover.

Face: Swipe & Soothe
For the face, neck, décolleté, and tops of hands, he recommends a little swipe of our Thyme Swipe™ peel pads every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening – followed by our soothing Watercress Hydration Cascade® gelée moisturizer to lock in hydration while the peel pads work their therapeutic magic.

On the off-nights from the peel pads, Brett recommends our Sunflower Superbalm™ firming peptide boost for a little extra TLC.

Eyes: Catch Those Crows
For smooth, crease-free eyes, Brett recommends our Crow Catcher® eye transforming serum nightly.

Lips: Keep it Smooth & Color-Ready
And for the lips, Brett reached for our Blackberry Wine lip polish to keep that kisser soft, smooth, and lip color-ready.

Body: Polish to Perfection
For the body, Brett loves our Sweet Cream fine sea salt body scrub to polish and smooth skin. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to elbows, knees, and feet. This scrub features silky rice bran oil to really buffer and lock in moisture.

1 Week Before: Pamper & Plump

Brett then heads into a "Soothing Week" to help restore and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and flawless for the big event.

Face: Plumped Perfection
One week before the event, Brett suggests using our Guac Star® soothing avocado hydration mask once or twice to really pamper and plump the face.

Lips: Keep Scrubbing & Smoothing
And for the lips, he says to continue using our Blackberry Wine lip polish nightly.

Body: Get a Natural-Looking Glow
For the body, he recommends adding a touch of our Sunflower Honey-Butter to elbows, knees, and toes before spreading Bronze Fox® tanning drops over all exposed skin to the jawline for a natural-looking glow.

Day Of: Hydrate and Prime

Face: Weightless Hydration
On the day of the event, Brett suggests using our Kale Water moisturizer as a perfect weightless hydrator and makeup primer.

Eyes: Keep Crow's Feet at Bay
And for the eyes, he says to continue with our Crow Catcher® eye transforming serum nightly.

Lips: A Perfect Pout
To prep the lips for lip pencil and color, he starts with a touch of our Blackberry Crush lip balm and reapplies a couple of times to drench the lips with moisture.

Face: Glam it Up!
And to give the glam an extra boost, Brett uses a touch of our Pink Dusk™ illuminating peptide serum on cheeks, brow bone, and tear duct area after makeup application.

Body: Light-Catching Illumination
To top it all off, Brett recommends using our Lustre Drench® instant glow dry oil all over to give skin a hydrated, healthy glow with light-catching shimmer.

The perfectly luminous finish of this oil gives exposed skin a subtle mother of pearl shine. This finish is not overly glittery, but has an oh-so-natural gleam that will make you camera-ready in no time.

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