A Day Of Fixin's


Any rescue organization will tell you that reducing the number of strays and animals discarded to the streets starts with spay, neuter, and gelding. At FarmHouse Fresh's own Farm Animal Sanctuary, every male rescue is gelded upon entry to be sure we help contribute to reducing overpopulation.

Rescue Row is a local 501 (c) (3) that our very own Customer Care team member, Sandy, is a part of! We were happy to sponsor their first ever Free Mobile Spay & Neuter clinic in Aubrey, Texas - "Prevent a Litter, Fix Your Critter!"


23 dogs and 6 cats took their no puppies/kittens pledge in downtown Aubrey on a beautiful sunny day.

Rescue Row does much more than spay & neuter clinics. Their team is committed to rescue, rehabilitation & re-homing neglected dogs and cats. They host countless adoption events throughout the community (you'll often find them at Hollywood Feed stores on weekends!), utilizing a strong team of volunteers who foster and care for the animals. Non-profits like this are the heart and soul of good deeds -- spending non-work hours --- nights and weekends making a difference in the community.