Buh Bye Neck Lines

I’m seeing more neck lines lately! What gives?

“We’re staying in and staring at phones and tablets for hours on end! Plus, winter air is drier air, and the combination = more visible neck lines and crepiness. Solution: A triple acid mask that reboots skin’s surface - removing dead skin and leaving the silkiest fresh feeling skin.”

- Holly Wydra, FHF Licensed Esthetician

Total Face & Neck Transformation

Before bed, apply a thin layer of Illumination Fruit® to face, neck and décolletté and let sit, before showering. Once done showering, apply Supremely Lit® Serum-in-Oil. This voluptuous blend includes vitamin C, Seaberry fruit and Hi-Bio® Hemp with CBD. It is mega hydrating. Lock it in with Three Milk Sleep Cream. After 1 treatment, you will be amazed, and hooked!