Helping Our Communities Through COVID-19

Special Message Regarding Covid-19

Hi Farmies,

We hope you're being kind to yourself and taking some moments to pause and cherish the quality time with your family and loved ones. We're thinking of you and working behind the scenes to help our retail & spa partners and their communities across America as we navigate our way through this challenging time. We reorganized our team to help all our partner accounts by "drop shipping" for their businesses to help keep sales flowing. It's been a tremendous undertaking in this short timeframe, and we are honored to do it! So be on the lookout for an email from your favorite locale - they will provide a coupon code for your order that directly gives back to their business. If you're in an area where it's safe to visit your favorite local business to pick up your FHF products, we certainly hope you will! Communities depend on all of us - even if just to be a positive light in the day, a small nudge of assurance that temporary changes are only just that, temporary. We WILL get through this - everyone together - positivity alive with a kiss from a donkey or two.

Hand Creams For Heroes

The response we received to our 'Hand Creams for Heroes' donation program was nothing short of astounding. We have shipped out $80,000 in nourishing FarmHouse Fresh hand creams to deserving nurses and medical teams across the country - in an effort to soothe and protect the hardworking hands of our nation's heroes during the pandemic.

Meet a few of our nation's heroes below! Juliana LaVopa and her fellow Critical Care Unit (CCU) nurses recently arrived in NYC from Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD to work: 18 hour days - 14 days on, with 1 day off. They'll soon be receiving a FarmHouse Fresh care package as part of our Hand Creams for Heroes program! Juliana originally received FarmHouse Fresh as a gift from her godmother (Cathy Nash - a FHF superfan). She fell in love with the results of the products, and specifically requested more - in the way of small samples to be easily stored and shared with fellow nurses.

Nurses love FarmHouse Fresh Shea Butter because their hands "get wrecked" -- extremely dry and cracked from gloves and frequent hand washing. They also rave that our skincare products calm facial irritations that come from long hours in the masks and goggles.

We're honored to be able to brighten the day of these incredible people who are giving so much, with a few soothing comforts from FarmHouse Fresh as they work to save lives.

Ongoing Support Of Animal Rescue

We absolutely love what we do, and we value our customers and communities so much! This happens to also include abused animals. Our mission has always been, and will always include, rescuing neglected animals and supporting their welfare. Unfortunately during a human crisis like this, animals stop getting fed and are often off-loaded in large numbers. There is a vast network of rescue organizations that we help support to make sure funds keep going, so that animals do not needlessly suffer as a result of the crisis.

Through your everyday purchases of FarmHouse Fresh products, we have been able to donate thousands of dollars in hay bale deliveries to our local farm animal rescue, Miss Jo's Rescue Ranch. The photos above are a testament to the incredible lifesaving work of their team.