Why We Chose To Certify

We Say Our Farmhouse Fresh Organics Collection Promises 'Purity Down To The Roots', Because It Absolutely Does

[All excerpts taken from NewBeauty Magazine] For consumers who lead an organic lifestyle, McLinden thinks using skin-care products that are certified free from synthetic herbicides, pesticides and GMOs is critically important. “From clothing to bedding, the organic buyer strives to limit their daily exposure to these chemicals in every way possible. They ask. We listen.”

"The Labs That Are Certified To Handle, Process, And Develop Certified Organic Products Should Win An Award"

“Think about it: For a product to be certified free of synthetic herbicides, pesticides and GMOs every step from dirt and seed, to the gloves used to pick the harvest, to the bins the harvest is placed in, to the equipment used to process the ingredient, the storage area surrounding the ingredients, to the jar itself, the pumps, lids, liners, all of it, is certified so that there is no exposure to synthetic herbicides, pesticides and GMOs.”

Look For An Auditing Firm Logo On Every Certified Farmhouse Fresh Product.

"In an industry where so many brands appear to be organic, yet bear no certifications at all, we knew we wanted to pursue certification so that spa-goers would know that we are championing their journey with honesty and integrity."

- Shannon McLinden, President, FarmHouse Fresh