Marissa & Shelby Blackstock’s Fairytale Wedding

For Marissa & Shelby Blackstock (son of country icon Reba McEntire), a storybook wedding at Walt Disney World was a dream come true.

To help this beautiful bride-to-be get flawless, glowy skin for her big day, celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman – whose work has been featured on the cover of notable magazines and live from the Red Carpet – turned to a few FarmHouse Fresh® favorites.


Brett’s Bridal Tips for a Pre-Wedding Glow

  1. Mood Fruit™ Lip Balm

This vitamin-infused treatment/hydrating balm is the perfect lip prep. I love how it gives a bit of natural flush to the lips – great if Marissa’s lip gloss fades a touch. I used it to prep her lips before lining with MAC’s Stripdown lip liner, then iced with Charlotte Tilbury’s shimmering Champagne Diamonds gloss.

  1. Sweet Tea Hand Cream

Why not bring a sweet summer in the south scent to the Magic Kingdom?! Plus, it’s Shelby’s hydrating favorite.

  1. Three Milk Moisturizer

My kit mainstay! It’s such a great formula that every face loves. And it works so well with the Tarte foundation: I love applying it with a brush while skin is still dewy from Three Milk. Perfection!

  1. Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic

This is a great "set the stage" starting point before glam. Hint: I also spray a couple mists after makeup to give a dewy glow that helps keep makeup pliable. Terrific for older skin types…it cuts the dryness of foundation & powder without breaking them down.

  1. Full Moon Dip® Ageless Facial Mousse

Keep the cell turnover in gear, gently. Marissa doesn’t have sensitive skin…but let’s not assume. That’s why I love this whipped whisper of retinol that’s buffered with skin-soothing essential fatty acids. Of course it’s amaze because of its subtle, illuminating glow!