Old Knees -- New Life

June & Bo - Rescued horses at FarmHouse Fresh Sanctuary

Two Horses Get Special Care from the Ground Up

Meet Bo and June.  These two elderly horses' misshapen knees and bowed legs make you wince when you first see them, and you can't help but wonder how fragile they are --  "Can their knees just snap if they turn too quickly?" 

Bo and June have overcome great odds. They were purchased at a Texas sale barn by the nonprofit Rescued For Life. Both were grade 1 -- starved down to bones. They were shipped to Colorado, treated nearly weekly, and placed on a strict refeeding regimen. June (left) was barely approachable -- she cowered when approached and required sedation to be treated for an extensive skin infection that covered her body in crust. June has Cushing's Disease and it's not clear how long she's had it. It's said the average lifespan of a Cushing's horse is 5 to 7 years -- we intend to try to break the barrier of that estimate! 

When they were healthy enough to travel, FarmHouse Fresh offered to take them and we're so glad they've arrived safely!  An 11 hour overnight transport that left Colorado at 7pm when it was still cool, and arrived at our Sanctuary at 6am before the summer sun could scorch.

How Can We Give Them Better Quality of Life?

We began by housing them together. The two had been separated at different properties in Colorado, and upon arriving here, they immediately began grooming one another and have not left each other's side since.

Rescued Horses drinking together

Our Veterinarian and Podiatrist, Dr. Metcalf, built clogs for both of them. See the funny wooden base installed onto their hooves. It sticks out to the side to help relieve pressure in the knees. It's amazing how well they both stand now -- with knees no longer bowing outward.

Clogs for horses bad knees


June is getting steroid injections tomorrow in her knees. She laid down in her stall on Thursday, and could not get up on her own. It took 8 of us to help her stand. We took her directly to the hospital where she received fluids, and the medical team there thinks steroid injections will help her. We hope so! And if so, Bo will be next. It's so hard to visit them in the hospital, and then walk away. We still wish there were cots -- we would stay full time! 

June at the hospital

We are so thankful for your purchases of FarmHouse Fresh products! We're using so many of the funds to care for these two beautiful horses who were once loved by someone -- only to be neglected and discarded. They're getting the best forever care with your support and our Sanctuary team at FarmHouse Fresh! 

June & Bo together at FarmHouse Fresh