Otis: Week 9 Update

Week 9 & Otis Is Doing Fiiiiine!

Well week 9 is looking all clear from here. We've conquered his pneumonia after his upper left lung finally looks normal. A special mix of minerals and grazing for miles has really plumped him up and improved his skin.

Wait 'til you see him stroll in our video update! Yes, he's up off his elbows. We used to hold our breath watching him painfully pull one leg in front of the other. No more! With some hoof TLC and plenty of meds, he's got a skip in his step. Go Otis Go!

Otis & The Prettiest Vets In The County

Otis was all smiles today. He got his stamp of approval from Dr. Avery -- no more shots!

We're also Carrotarians! There is no complete rule book for animal wellness, but we have seen a TOTAL transformation in the health of not only Otis, but all our rescues after adding 10 pounds of carrots a day to their diet. Their hair is shiny, they run and play with more energy than we've ever seen, and whether we serve frozen carrot popsicles or cups of them cooled and crunchy... all the FHF kids come running down the hill when they see these bags coming.