Pre & Post Workout Routine


Before your workout, you should always cleanse your face to remove makeup and to prevent bacteria from clogging the pores, in turn causing breakouts! Use our Green Tea Milk Wash Cleanser made with green tea extract and creamy coconut milk to help cleanse, nourish and hydrate complexion — both before and after your sweat sesh.

Not enough time to cleanse? We have tonics for that! Quickly remove makeup and any lingering bacteria before your workout by spritzing our Vitamin Berry or Super Lettuce® Tonics on a cotton round and gently wiping down complexion.


After cleansing post-workout, you’ll want to exfoliate — opt for our clarifying Sanded Ground Exfoliating Mud Mask! Made with Red Arizona Clay, this mask pulls impurities from pores and detoxes complexion. Also made with Willow Bark Extract, this mask contains anti-inflammatory properties to calm skin from the havoc caused by a strenuous jog or barre class.

For a gentler exfoliation mix green tea and Sanded Ground for an ultra-luxurious feel.


Keep excess oils away! A spritz of Super Lettuce® Facial Tonic will help rebalance skin after a long-winded workout. This alcohol-free, clarifying cucumber water toner reduces excess oils and delivers a shine-free, balanced finish. Skin will feel crisp and oh-so clean after just one use.


Envelop skin in infinite softness that leaves complexion irresistibly supple! This ultra-hydrating, instantly renewing Chocolate Fig Vitamin Recovery Serum is brimming with our finest farm offerings – organic California figs, cocoa and Texas wildflower honey. Skin is left as radiant as ever — even after that early morning spin class!