Science Behind Our Hemp

Full Spectrum Hi-Bio® Hemp With CBD

Elevate your skincare and awaken your complexion! Introducing a journey from farm to skin – with our top-selling Hi-Bio® Hemp Spa Collection – now available here. Born in the fields of Kentucky, our full-spectrum hemp extract naturally contains such a wealth of nourishing compounds for skin – like bisabolol that's calming for skin (also found in chamomile plants) and quercetin and other antioxidants that help skin fight free radical damage. These and many cannabinoids – all work synergistically to help skin look and feel it's best!


Superior Seed

FarmHouse Fresh’s hemp seed is a proprietary strain developed with university backing by scientists, geneticists & botanists, grown in the rich soils of Kentucky with zero pesticide use. Extracts from the plant are 3rd party tested & verified for high content of CBD (nourishing, non-psychoactive compound in cannabis) & less than 0.3% THC (psychoactive compound).

Our full spectrum Hi-Bio® Cannabis Sativa (hemp) seed oil contains hydrating & skin nourishing fatty acids Omega 6 & 3. Plus, we use all parts of the plant in our extract. Total plant extracts to ensure all the wonderful benefits of the plant are brought to skin, for higher nutrition.


HI-BIO® TECHNOLOGY: Our hemp undergoes "complexed encapsulation" into naturally water-soluble outer shells. So our hemp absorbs faster than standard hemp oils.


You Need Hemp You Really Do! 

What is hemp? Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is a hearty, fast-growing plant with fibers that have been used to create rope, fabrics and more. Its seeds and oil have been used in foods for nutrition. The extracts of the full plant (leaves, stem, flowers, etc.) just became legal to grow and use in the U.S., and the phytonutrients in these extracts are plentiful!

What is hemp seed oil? Hemp seed oil is considered the single perfect source of Essential Fatty Acids because it contains a balanced ratio of EFAs for optimal absorption (Three 6’s for every One 3 + GLA – a rare form of non-essential Omega 9 Fatty Acid that is a mega bonus for the ultimate complexion!)

You can eat EFA's, or slather them on skin – they're found in vegetable and botanical oils like Hemp Seed, Safflower, Soybean, and Sunflower... In fact, in animal and human studies, just 7 days of daily application of EFA-rich oils on skin (like the above) completely transformed skin ailments like itchy, red, dry, flaky, uncomfortable dermatitis conditions.

What are hemp extracts? When a hemp plant’s leaves, stems, buds, and flowers are extracted, we find over 400 nutrients, compounds, phytochemicals and more! FarmHouse Fresh® Hi-Bio® Hemp Oil includes full plant extracts, for a wealth of skin nutrition.

Phytocannabinoids are abundant in our Hi-Bio® hemp extract – CBD, CBDV, CBN, CBC, and many more. The most prominent, CBD, has brightening, soothing, and skin repairing properties.

Well known flavone compounds, like quercetin, deliver antioxidant properties. Many other lesser-known flavonoids, like cannaflavins, are being studied for promising skin benefits.

Over 20 fragrant compounds, including soothing bisabolol (also found in the chamomile plant), are active in hemp.

What are Cannabinoids and CBD? CBD stands for Cannabidiol. Phonetically pronounced like: Can I be dial? CBD is a NON-intoxicating cannabinoid compound that can be derived from hemp or marijuana. It cannot make you high. It’s just one of many phytocannabinoids found when a hemp plant’s leaves, stems, buds, and flowers are extracted. Do not confuse CBD with THC, which is found in high levels in marijuana. A silly way to remember THC is “The High Creator.” THC and CBD both are often found in marijuana and hemp. But THC is minimal to zero in industrial hemp, and in fact, in order to legally grow and sell hemp extracts, you must show verified proof of THC content less than 0.3%. We use third party lab verification of each hemp extract batch.

What does CBD do? Does CBD help you sleep better? Does it mellow you out? While people using products containing cannabinoids can tell you a whole host of personal experiences, CBD is in a pre-clinical proof era. So brands touting verified pain or anxiety relief must answer to the FDA because there is no proof that CBD can cure, treat, or prevent illnesses outside of one particular drug approved for specific forms of epilepsy.

In skincare, studies already exist revealing hemp extract’s many beneficial antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help the body fight free radical damage, which means that just like other high antioxidant fruits, vegetables and herbs, hemp extract can:
What makes FarmHouse Fresh's Hi-Bio® Hemp special? Using specialized pharmaceutical technology in our FDA registered lab, our hemp oil undergoes “complexed encapsulation.” In this proprietary process, the molecules are encapsulated by naturally water-soluble outer shells, so our oil absorbs faster than any standard hemp oil available.

Is it legal? In the U.S., thanks to the passage of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, the production and sale of all parts of the hemp plant (a source of CBD and other phytonutrients) was legalized, provided the extracts are verified to contain less than 0.3% THC (meaning they are non-psychoactive). We can now reap the benefits of this marvelous plant through skincare!