So Fresh and so Clean; with Danny Seo Mag

Pick up the Winter Issue of Naturally, Danny Seo Magazine -- you'll find a gorgeous 4-page spread covering our products that "have a soul, a heartwarming mission, a backstory that makes you feel good"

[Excerpt from Naturally, Danny Seo Magazine] You can find that spirit in FarmHouse Fresh products, an organic skincare line owned and operated by sisters-in-law Shannon and Delia McLinden. These aren’t your everyday beauty items that make a vanilla journey from factory to shelf. In Mckinney, Texas, Shannon and Delia oversee the operation, design, and product development teams from a stunning 8,700-foot complex, where Shannon also has her personal residence.


But here’s the twist—the headquarters is also home to a working farm and animal sanctuary. It’s where 31 farm animals finally feel safe. Where Spirit, an injured racehorse, and Karl, a goat from an owner seizure case, can folic freely. Donkeys, horses, sheep, and goats play alongside a greenhouse that fulfills the farm’s other intention: growing ingredients for FarmHouses Fresh products.