Walking on Sunshine (and Knees)

Elliot the Goat Has been walking on his knees

Elliot Has Been Walking on His Knees  

Our 1-horned goat, Elliot, has been spotted all over the ranch walking and grazing on his knees.  We thought he might just need a hoof trimming, but that didn't solve the issue. The doctor prescribed some anti-inflammatory pills, and that didn't help either. 


Elliot the goat walking on his knees

 Elliot the goat always on his knees

Bloodwork and X-Rays

Elliot took a car ride up to Dr. Avery for bloodwork, and she sent some out for a CAE test to rule out a terrible progressive disease. He's clear of CAE and any abnormal bloodwork!  We also took X-Rays of the knees... Nothing to see!

Elliot on the car ride to the Vet

With no news being good news, this guy is just happily going about his days with his special knack for always being face-first, knees to the ground!
Elliot smiling