What a Difference a Year Makes…


On May 6, 2021, an emaciated and neglected mare stepped off the trailer, leaving behind pain and suffering and walking into love and care. She captured our hearts immediately and we named her Lucy. She was just skin and bones, but where you went, she wanted to go. When you talked, she wanted to listen in.

Lucy still had to fight when she got here. She developed Sinusitis from teeth that were never taken care of and we realized she was blind in her right eye. We suspect she has a prior injury to her right leg, as it will sometimes start to bother her

But every day she gained some strength. She took her medicine and supplements. She found her place at the barn, on the outskirts of everyone where she could keep an eye on everything, but still be with the herd. Lucy goes to Stryker for protection and Daisy or the donkeys for company. She’s kind of an introvert with the animals, but she loves being around people.

It’s impossible not to love Lucy. She’s so petite that you think she’s just a young horse, but she’s actually about 25 and the second oldest horse we have. Lucy is funny and patient and spirited. If she finishes her breakfast and is still in a stall she will whinny loudly, as if we may have forgotten her. She lets us put hats on her to take pictures. She’ll walk in step with you from one pasture to another. She has a beautiful and delicate gait as she runs to catch up with the herd. We are so thankful to have found Lucy and can’t believe what we see when we compare the picture from one year ago to today!