Scarring Relief to The Rescue

What's the Best Way to prevent scarring?

“Avoid picking, popping, and scrubbing active breakouts.First, never use your fingernails, always wrap fingers in toilet paper and gently squeeze the pimple if you have to pop it.”

- Portia Amaris, FHF Licensed Esthetician

Pro Tip - be sure to use Super Lettuce® Facial Tonic on a cotton round to clean the area before and after gently extracting the pimple. 

Manage Pesky Pimples

Use our Pajama Paste® Soothing Active Yogurt Mask or Sand Your Ground® as a spot treatment. You can sleep in both of these masks - the Bentonite clay detoxifies and purifies by absorbing excess oils from the skin.

If you’re prone to touching your face at home, dollop this on the moment you get home. It protects the pimple from you.

Scarring Relief to The Rescue

Use Finely Awake® Plantfoliant® Cleansing Polish with Bentonite clay and apricot powder to gently exfoliate the skin (when you don’t have open/broken acne).

The triple hydroxy acids in our Super Lettuce® Facial Tonic condition the skin. Nourishing & calming cucumber water improves overall texture of the skin.

Get instant brightening with our Sundae Best® Chocolate Softening Mask to help post acne inflammation. Honey and coconut oil hydrate and improve the texture of the skin. Use this mask for an even complexion that makes acne scar inflammation less noticeable.

Use Sunflower Honey-Butter to heal the breakout. Honey is a natural humectant to moisturize and help lessen any scars that have formed.