Getting Otis Up, Onto His Feet

Intensive Care for This Big Fella

Meet Otis, our 8 year old Boer goat, and newest member of the FHF Rescue Family. He's just starting life again after years of neglect and abuse from his previous owner. He arrived emaciated, with pneumonia and parasites, and was walking on his elbows. He'd gotten used to it. His hooves had been left to grow so long and twisted, that he'd learned to prop himself up by the elbows to move and eat. This poor soul has ground his teeth down to nubs from pain in his hooves and legs. Weekly vet visits are underway. As are regular farrier trimmings to slowly let his tendons and bones drop back into vertical place - it could take 12 months or more! If you see the X-ray (left), you'll see how crunched his bones became from years of having curled, twisted, unkempt hooves. Otis is incredibly gentle and kind. Even when our baby donkey, Arlo, is pestering him, sniffing all his parts, staring at him muzzle to muzzle, and nudging him to play, Otis rides it out patiently until Arlo finds a new distraction - a bucket, a hose, a hula hoop. Otis DOES love carrots. And his new bestie, Pops. They tire themselves out romping across 100 feet of horse stalls, and back again, for hours into the night. Then they fall asleep on each other like a pile of pillows.

We want to give a special thank you to all of YOU who purchase FarmHouse Fresh products, which allows us to use funds toward the care of such deserving animals. Being part of their incredible life transformations brings us joy without measure. Scroll down to see Otis' most recent video - he's an absolute treasure!