Granny Gets Acupuncture

Sweet Granny Finds Relief

Our 20-something-year-old donkey, Granny, is elderly, but age isn’t what’s troubling her. Granny has severe arthritis and laminitis in her hooves where her bones actually turn downward, which can make it incredibly painful to walk. Our farrier has made great progress over the years - trimming her hooves to be most comfortable for her. But each day we must decide whether to give her a scoop of Bute (donkey Tylenol) by judging Granny’s quality of life:

- Is she walking with very little limp?

- Can she walk up our acres of hillside?

- Is she feisty? Hanging with the herd? One of the gals in our office had an exceptional experience with a local veterinarian who used acupuncture - just 1 time - on her dog who had a bum leg. After the treatment, her dog tore through the house for the first time in a long time. It was so effective, that we decided to invite Dr. Teleah Grand, for a hot afternoon session of acupuncture on the hill with Granny. Dr. Grand is treasure! She has been a practicing veterinarian for over 23 years! And she is a RARE find, as she combines Eastern AND Western medicines to treat her patients.

Fab Results!

After her 1st session of acupuncture, we have definitely seen improvement! We have been able to reduce her medication to just 1/4 the amount. She can be helped further with special foods and herbal therapies prescribed by Dr. Grand, using Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine’s multimodal approach to help her not only have less pain, but more energy. We look forward to what the future brings when we add these additional therapies!

A Fascinating Interview With Dr. Grand!

Dr. Grand sat down with us to share everything she knows about how Western and Eastern medicines are helping humans and animals, alike. Visit our

Farmanac for this fabulous dive into all things healing.

Live Locally? Learn More About Dr. Grand's Practice:

Visit Animal Care Center @ Stonebridge Ranch, Mckinney, Texas. Dr. Grand is an incredible veterinarian with such a warm and thorough approach to helping our furry loved ones!