Oh Beautiful Flower!

Just A Normal Day Of Bottle-feeding At The Office 

We received a call from a local resident who witnessed a neighbor's sheep reject it's baby, and instead of allowing the baby to be euthanized as they so often are, she asked the farmer if she could take him. She made all the right moves - buying colostrum, following a feeding schedule, and for the first few days of his life she did everything she could to make sure he would survive. And then she called us!

Welcome Flower. Named by Laurie, our Sanctuary Manager, who has surely earned the title MOM because as we have a team of employees who are his daycare during the days, she is full on mom at nights and on weekends! Bottle feeding every 4 hours. Every 4 hours! We have mastered the diaper thing. Found he LOVES blow up balls and will push them around our office all day. See the video below. When you call in, Flower is sitting at our feet, bouncing up the hallways or lounging in weird spaces!

He is coming out to the pasture now for a few hours a day. We move all the animals to southern pasture, and then we let Flower and Oliver (the other young newbie goat) wander around together as our team cleans stalls. We hope they'll be best buds, but for now the verdict is out. Oliver is 10 times his size, and yet he's afraid of this little man! He doesn't quite know what Flower is yet.