Pickles Goes on a Roadtrip

In November, we discovered that Pickles, one of our Boer goats, had dermatitis on his back and along his legs. After consulting with Dr. Avery, our vet, we gave him penicillin shots and washed with betadine and the issues cleared up.

Recently, we noticed that his skin was again inflamed and this time was not responding to treatment. On Friday, we took him to Dr. Avery’s clinic in Bonham for an exam. Pickles was excited for his roadtrip, and laid down in the back seat for the whole ride!

Dr. Avery and her team did a skin scrape and drew blood for further testing. One louse was found, but they didn’t feel like that was enough to cause the problems he was having. Pickles was the absolute perfect patient (not that we are biased) and went in the back to say hi to everyone!

We are continuing to monitor his skin and hope for an answer. In the meantime, Pickles is really enjoying all of the extra attention and brushing sessions he gets!!