3 Sweet Donkeys Prepare for Forever Homes in Michigan

We’re currently working with our friends at Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue in Michigan to help three special donkeys (who we’ve unofficially nicknamed Patrick, Dempsey, and McDreamy!) recover until they are healthy enough to be transported to their forever home.

(left to right) Patrick, McDreamy, Dempsey

From Auction House to Healing Haven

These three handsome guys were all rescued together from a Texas auction. Despite initial appearances, they arrived needing a little TLC.

Patrick, at 11 years old with good hooves and a normal body score, had a cough that raised concerns. Dr. Metcalf listened to his lungs and performed an ultrasound, revealing a worrying raspiness and signs of infection. Pneumonia is a serious threat for donkeys, especially those with unknown histories like those coming from sale barns. We immediately started Patrick on a two-week course of antibiotics, along with twice-daily temperature checks.

McDreamy, at 12-13 years old, also presented with mild pneumonia and received the same two-week antibiotic treatment.

Dempsey (who looked like the baby of the group) surprised everyone with his 18-year-old senior status! He too had mild pneumonia and joined the others on antibiotics.

We didn't stop there. All three donkeys received comprehensive checkups, including vaccinations, bloodwork, deworming, and lung ultrasounds to ensure their overall health.

A Fresh Start, a Safe Space

Upon arrival, all three donkeys went through a 30-day quarantine to ensure the health of our existing herd. This involved separate stalls, disinfected equipment, and dedicated staff to minimize the risk of spreading any potential illnesses.

Three Week Update

It's been amazing to see these three donkeys flourishing after three weeks! They've all successfully completed their course of antibiotics for pneumonia, and Dr. Metcalf is thrilled with the progress! He'll give them another check-up in a week, just to be sure, but things are looking fantastic.

Their unique personalities are really blossoming. The paint, Patrick, is a total sweetheart, while the other two are incredibly curious and allow gentle petting. McDreamy, the big brown one, loves to announce himself with a good bray. But it’s Dempsey, the shy little brown donkey, who has captured our hearts with his gentle curiosity. He's the most interested in what we're doing.

All three donkeys are responding beautifully to the pressure and release training method we use on all our equines, based on the Donkey Sanctuary UK's approach.

Prepping for Forever Homes

Yesterday, our trusted veterinarian visited to castrate the two younger donkeys (you can find a more detailed blog post about it here!) and trim their hooves. Soon, all three will be ready for their forever home in Michigan!

As they recovered, their personalities started to shine through. The younger pair are total lovebugs, happy to be petted, groomed, and even treated with fly spray! The oldest, though initially shy, is a curious soul who enjoys gentle pats.

With their health restored and personalities shining, these three donkeys are ready for their forever homes. We can't wait to see them settle into their new Michigan sanctuary and live happily ever after!