48 - From Code Red to a New Life Up North

FHF Supporting Archangel Network - 48 dogs find new homes in the north

48 Lucky Dogs Find New Life Because of Archangel Network 

We are so very proud (and lucky because of your FarmHouse Fresh purchases!) to be able to financially support Archangel Network in their non-stop work of helping Code Red dogs be networked and transported to northern rescues where they will be very quickly adopted! In Texas, the euthanasia rates are off the charts. Every week, family pets are killed due to shelters running out of space. Archangel Network (a nonprofit 501(c)(3) headed by FarmHouse Fresh's very own VP of sales, Delia McLinden, works closely with shelters locally, plus fosters and transporters, veterinarians and volunteers. It is an incredible herculean effort to ensure these precious faces find families up north, and so their lives are not lost to the crowded shelter problem the area is experiencing.

48 dogs leave Fort Worth Animal Shelter for life in the North

Today, this group is loading 48 beautiful babies from Fort Worth Animal Care & Control and they are headed to partners in the Pacific Northwest. The trip is long, but the transportation team has been doing this for years - ensuring thousands and thousands of dogs each get to live a long amazing life with a loving family. FarmHouse Fresh helped fund this, along with a host of other private donations -- and today 48 dogs have the rest of their life to look forward to!

FHF supports Archangel Network Dog Transport to the Pacific Northwest

Thank you so much for your purchases of FarmHouse Fresh skincare. You help rescues like this to take place every month. Rescuing dogs like this, particularly hits home for everyone from the veterinarians to the shelter workers who desperately want homes for these animals, to avoid the gut-wrenching loss of life for such beautiful, adoptable furbabies. 

Visit Archangel Network to see all the wonderful work they're doing, and help them directly on another upcoming transport!