A Maggot a Day

Maggot Horse TherapyA Maggot a Day Keeps the Infection Away

For months, our elderly mare, Daisy, suffered from a chronic abscess in her hoof that seemed untreatable by conventional methods. The poor thing couldn't trot properly and was limping around, feeling stuck and miserable. We had tried everything over the course of months. Nothing changed her condition. That's when we turned to Dr. Metcalf, who introduced us to a novel solution: maggot therapy (yes, you heard it right, maggots!).

Medical Maggots were placed on a piece of gauze -- there were over 250 of them! The treated gauze was placed in the hoof infection, then her hoof was attached to a wooden clog. The hoof was completely wrapped. We would expect to do this up to 3 times over several weeks. She would be given oral antibiotics for 10 days. He said it's normal if she would act weird towards that hoof. It would be the same if any of us had maggots - a little odd and itchy!

And it worked like magic! Within a matter of days she was barely limping and in just a few weeks, Daisy's condition improved and she was literally skipping into the distance – leaving her limping days behind!
Maggot horse therapy 2

It's because of your purchases that we are able to provide novel treatments like this in the care of the animals at our Sanctuary. We can't thank you enough!