A Morning of Concern: Granny's Health Takes a Turn

Granny's Health Update - 1/15/24

Granny is doing wonderfully, and it warms our hearts to see her thriving. Granny's Triglyceride numbers have seen a significant improvement, thanks to a touch of Karo syrup magic! It's amazing how a little sweetness can make a big difference.

Insights From Dr. Splawn

Last Friday, Dr. Splawn examined Granny’s stomach and made a concerning discovery – the return of stomach ulcers (a déjà vu from October). She suspects they might not be fully healed or could be linked to high ACTH levels. We're closely monitoring the situation!

To rewind a bit, back in December, Granny underwent an ACTH test that showed she has Cushing's Disease. Since then, she's been on a daily medication regimen to manage the condition. Understanding Granny's health challenges has played a crucial role in tailoring the care she rightfully deserves.

Weekend Stay

Over the weekend, Granny stayed with our dedicated veterinary team at Weems,who provided continuous care for our old gal. It's always a bit quiet on the ranch without her, but knowing she's in capable hands brings us comfort.

Upon her return, Granny will start on a 30-day ulcer preventative plan. After this period, we'll check her stomach again to ensure the ulcers have resolved. Our team has been visiting her every day, and we’re happy to report that Granny has been spunky and bright!

Gratitude Overflowing

Your support and kind words mean the world to us. Granny holds a special place in our hearts, captivating everyone she meets with her expressive ears and loving personality. We're thrilled that her health is improving, and we owe a massive thank you to Dr. Splawn and the exceptional staff at Weems for their outstanding care!

Yesterday morning, Granny surprised us by refusing to eat – a departure from her usual routine. The last time we encountered this problem was back in October when she had to be hospitalized. A quick look at her bloodwork revealed high Triglycerides, indicating she hadn’t been eating for quite some time and signaling an underlying infection.

Hospital Bound - 1/11/24

Without missing a beat, we rushed Granny to the hospital for a full evaluation. While the ultrasound brought positive news, a closer examination of her stomach revealed a familiar problem – Gastric Impaction, the same issue she faced in October.

Her stomach is full and not processing food properly. The mystery of why this has occurred for the second time is still a mystery, leaving us with questions about potential gastric outflow issues.

Unraveling the Cause

As we await more insights into what triggered this recurrence, Granny received pain medicine and antibiotics. Surprisingly, part of the solution involves Diet Caffeine Free Coke, which can be used to break up the impaction in her stomach!

Gratitude and Love

Despite these concerns, we are grateful for the early detection and the prompt care Granny is receiving. At Weems, Granny is not just a patient; she is absolutely adored! Everyone was coming over to greet our old gal and love on her during her exam.

We will be sure to keep you in the loop as Granny continues her recovery. Your unwavering support and encouragement mean the world to us, and we appreciate every bit of it. Thank you for being there for our sweet Granny girl!