A Really Serious Runny Nose

Runny Nose on little donkey - both sides

When a Runny Nose is a Really Big Deal

This little shnookums came to us at only 5 months old. Dropped at a sale barn, with every bone showing. That was several years ago. When Salt arrived, she had pneumonia. And since, has been nothing but a total joy. She is our hugger. If you squat down, she wants to be wrapped in your arms, and lay down your back, for endless scratches!

We started noticing a runny nose. And the next day it was running out both sides. Allergies maybe? It had been windy lately, and we remember every year around this time she seems to get sniffly. But no. We were told to load her up, and take her to the hospital for evaluation.

Infection Like a Rolling Stone

Our little Salty girl was diagnosed as having Chondroids. This is where pus hardens into round balls that are firm like stones - and it causes constant infection and keeps normal medications from working properly. These usually have to be removed by surgery, while the donkey is standing, but hers have spread way, way down her throat and will require a fully-sedated open-neck surgery. 

donkey chondroid surgery and recovery

3 Weeks to Recover

Salt's surgery went well, but she will stay in the hospital a week with a drain tube. We miss her at the ranch! All the donkeys know she's been taken somewhere. When we visit the hospital, she's still the lovebug she was prior to surgery, and lays on us, not wanting us to leave her.  It's SO HARD!  We have a new idea for Vet Hospitals:  $100 overnight family sleepovers. We can bring our own cots. Please?


Welcome Back!

Salt returns, and needs 2 full weeks separated from her herd. Donkeys are like large playful dogs. They jump on one another in hog piles and play tug of war. So Salt stays in the Sheep House, and our oldest donkey, Granny, is happy to come keep her company! Below is video from her first day back-- the whole crew comes to say hi.