Dan and Ann

Happy Retirement

Meet Dan and Ann, lifelong partners both in their late teens who have worked faithfully for the Amish. They are Percherons/Belgian crosses. They are seemingly otherwise healthy... just exhausted from a lifetime of hard work. They deserve a safe retirement and gratitude for their service. When we learned that Now That I'm Safe Equine Rescue, boosted by another fellow rescue, Smokey Chestnut Farm Rescue, were fundraising to help this team, we knew we had to step up. Their fundraiser brought donations from all over the country, including yours! Through purchases of your FarmHouse Fresh products, we were able to donate a big part of the bail price to help save this precious couple. Now Dan and Ann are safe and under the legal control of Now That I'm Safe Equine Rescue. They soon will be heading to KC'S Equine Center in Prague, Oklahoma for quarantine, medical assessment and much needed R&R.

If You Personally Donate, We'll Reward You:

If you contribute $10 or more to Now That I'm Safe Equine Rescue, snap a screenshot and shoot us an email. We'll send you a free hand cream of your choice!