A second chance for Bernie

Hearts as big as Texas

Abandoned on the side of the highway, in a black crate under the steaming Texas sun, was a senior Shih Tzu soon-to-be-named Bernie. A FarmHouse Fresh team member, Delia McLinden, was at the right place at the right time driving in her car when she saw Bernie’s former owners leave him. Without a second thought, she pulled over and placed his small crate in her car. This moment was the beginning of Bernie’s second chance. Delia quickly brought the little man over to the FarmHouse Fresh Ranch while a much needed vet appointment was set up. This gentle dog was THE sweetest and even posed for a bunch of photos as our team loved on him. After receiving loads of cuddles, kisses, water and food – Bernie was brought to the Panther Creek Animal Shelter for a visit with Dr. Kim. His report card? Almost all of Bernie’s teeth were rotten, his fur badly matted, and his left eye was labeled as a “dead eye” which would need surgery to be removed. Miraculously enough, after everything this sweet gent was heartworm negative!

New Life! New Name!

The time came to give this kind boy a name. “Even from the beginning he was such a funny, little self-assured guy,” Delia recalls. It was when she went outside to let her neighbors get acquainted with the rescued dog she said, “I’m trying to think of the right name for a resilient, cute, older man.” Her neighbor excitedly squealed, “He looks like a Bernie!” And so Bernie it was.

A Furry Happy Ending.

Bernie is now officially adopted and living the sweet life in Frisco, Texas with his fosters. If you’d like to help other furry friends like Bernie, all with special stories of their own, please visit: www.rescuerowinc.org FUN Fact: When a foster adopts the animal they agreed to temporarily help house it’s called a “foster fail”! Here’s to Bernie, his life and his foster fail forever home.