Celebrating a Milestone: Peter & Benjamin Turn 5 Months!

Our adorable baby goats, Peter and Benjamin, just hit their 5-month mark! They’re growing up fast and keeping up with all their goat business. Recently, they got their annual vaccinations, joined our hoof trimming rotation, and had their first big adventure!

Off to See Dr. Avery

We took Peter and Benjamin to the wonderful Dr. Avery at Bonham Veterinary Hospital for a special procedure (this was their first overnight stay outside our Sanctuary!). It was time for their castration, and Dr. Avery’s method involves fully sedating them and performing the surgery. The boys had to fast overnight, which meant no food or water to ensure their safety during sedation.

Surgery Success

Everything went smoothly during surgery! The boys were back home the next afternoon, recovering like champs. Their post-op care was straightforward: just two days of pain medicine and monitoring for any swelling or discomfort.

Dorcas's Solo Night

While Peter and Benjamin were away, Dorcas had her first solo night in a long time. She spent some time looking around for her buddies but eventually settled into enjoying her alone time. A little “me time” can be refreshing!

Back Home & Feeling Great!

When Peter and Benjamin returned, they were full of energy, hopping around and calling for Dorcas. Meanwhile, Dorcas, being the cool girl she is, casually went to hide in the barn, snacking on hay and chatting with her friend Stitch.

Peter and Benjamin are back to their playful selves, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. Here’s to many more milestones with our precious baby goats!