Cushioned Comfort: New Flooring for Elderly Horses & Future Rescues

We've recently installed special flooring developed by Cornell Veterinarians to benefit our older and future starved horses. This flooring is so cushioned that shavings are no longer necessary, and it promises to alleviate issues like arthritis, foot pain, breathing problems, and more!

Installation Process

Our Ranch Handyman, Paul, undertook the installation in a meticulous process that took 3-4 days per stall. Each stall was measured precisely for a perfect fit. The installation began with a thorough clearing and washing of the stall. Then, Paul laid down the special thick foam, followed by the top cover. This part required 3 to 4 people due to the weight and awkwardness of the material – and meticulous placement was crucial!

To ensure no debris was trapped underneath, everyone even removed their boots during this process. The top cover was fitted and then bolted to the stall wall, creating a barrier that prevents anything from passing through to the foam.

Impressive Results

These flooring upgrades were installed in three stalls: Mae’s stall, our Medical Stall (for quarantined animals), and one of our front stalls. The difference has been astounding!

Even our vet noted the remarkable cushioning and support these floors provide. While we still use a thin layer of shavings for waste absorption, the overall impact has been incredibly positive. We've been using them for almost a month now and couldn't be happier with the results!