Double the Rescue: Meet Benny & Maggie

We previously introduced you to Stella and Sabrina, two draft horses rescued from a local sale barn. But as we promised, honoring the legacy of Willow, Summer, and Autumn, our rescue efforts didn't stop there!

Another Pair in Need

We recently welcomed two more draft horses, Benny (male) and Maggie (female), who arrived in a terrible condition. These magnificent creatures were emaciated, suffering from long, cracked hooves, and even skin problems. 

Just hours after welcoming our newest residents to our Sanctuary, a concern arose. Both Belgian drafts barely touched their food, and their blood work revealed worrying results. The taller male, Benny, also showed signs of respiratory illness, including nasal discharge and coughing.

They also showed signs of a neurological disease called Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). This debilitating condition can affect their balance, coordination, and overall movement.

Hopeful Hearts at the Hospital

Knowing immediate care was crucial, we rushed Benny and Maggie to the hospital. Maggie remained alert, but Benny showed lethargy, a low fever, and a stronger cough. Tests confirmed upper respiratory infections in both, but thankfully their lungs were clear! This eliminated the devastating possibility of pneumonia, a common and often fatal threat at auctions.

A Complete Checkup & a Twist

Dr. Chisholm also tested Benny and Maggie Strangles (Strep Equi) through a pharyngeal wash. The good news: their Strangles test was negative! However, there was another twist. They, along with our other newest rescue (Stella), tested positive for something called Strep Zoo. Don't worry, Strep Zoo is a much milder version of Strangles and isn't contagious to other horses. We'll still treat all three with antibiotics just to be safe!

Quarantined Comfort

Both horses are now back at our Sanctuary and quarantined as a pair, separate from Sabrina and Stella, as they came from different locations. We'll continue to monitor their temperatures twice a day and administer medication as needed. We're so grateful for Dr. Westin and Dr. Chloe at Weems for their attentive care and dedication!

A Positive Prognosis

While both horses require ongoing treatment, the good news is their prognosis is positive! They're receiving all-you-can-eat alfalfa hay, a gradual refeeding plan for grain, and pain medication for improved comfort.

Their neglected hooves are definitely a source of pain, and Dr. Metcalf is working on a plan to get them trimmed as soon as possible. We'll keep them comfortable with pain medication during their recovery from both the hoof issues and the overall weakness caused by malnourishment. We’ll also start treatment for EPM.

We'll continue to update you on their progress as they settle into their new home filled with food, vet care, and most importantly, lots of love!

In the picture: Look closely! See how Benny seeks comfort from Maggie? They seem to draw strength from each other, and we find so much inspiration in their bond. This is another beautiful testament to the resilience of these amazing animals!