Eye Can't See


Last Monday morning, we came in at 7:30 am and did our normal good morning check on everyone before we started preparing breakfast meals. Flower, our male sheep who we bottle raised in our offices, is usually bouncy and bright, and first to greet us. But today, he was very lethargic and wouldn’t let us walk near him. We had to catch him to evaluate the emergency, and we could see that his left eye was swollen nearly shut.


Immediately, we texted Dr. Avery, our incredible veterinarian. She had us give him an injection of pain medicine and then bring him up to her clinic. After an eye stain and examination, they discovered Flower had a splinter in his eye that had caused an ulcer. She removed it and prescribed daily eye drops, as well as pain medicine for the next couple of days. 

Good to Great

Flower began to feel better almost immediately! On the ride home, even jumped through the hay bale barrier in our car and rode on our Ranch Hand’s lap for part of the drive. It took a few days of the medicine, but Flower is back to his usual vibrant self!