Granny Update

Granny’s Hospital Stay

Our beloved Granny faced quite the challenge as she found herself in the hospital due to a troublesome Gastric Impaction. It was a challenging time for our sweet girl. Thankfully, the medical team at Weems came up with a novel approach, using Coca Cola to break up the hay that had lodged in her stomach. This impaction left Granny unable to eat, and she had to rely on nutritional IVs for sustenance. We held our breath, hoping for the best news.

Granny's Unbelievable Progress

We're absolutely thrilled to tell you that she's still at Weems, but she's been making leaps and bounds in her recovery. That gastric impaction that gave us all a scare has significantly shrunk, thanks to the Coca Cola method. Her bloodwork and triglyceride levels are on the upswing, and guess what? Granny's playful personality is back in full swing. We've got a picture of her acting her silly, lovable self. The team at the hospital has been doing an incredible job, showering her with the love she deserves.

A Hiccup Along the Way

Unfortunately, there's been a little bump in Granny's journey. Her bloodwork and ultrasound showed she developed pneumonia, adding a layer of complication. But we remain hopeful, and we can't thank Dr. Splawn, Dr. Chloe, and the entire team at Weems enough for their tender care. Granny may be facing challenges, but she's not facing them alone.

A Heartwarming Homecoming

After all the updates on Granny's stay at the hospital, we have some amazing news to share. Granny has improved tremendously and is back where she belongs, right here at our Sanctuary. Her journey has been a rollercoaster, but her resilience and your support have seen her through. Thank you for being part of Granny's story and for playing a personal role in her path to healing.