Hank and Buzz's Next Adventure

This week, we said a tearful goodbye to our pals, Hank and Buzz. They're off to start a new chapter at Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge in sunny Arizona.

Hank and Buzz's FHF Adventure

In August, a wonderful community member brought Hank and Buzz into our lives. Since then, these sweet souls have experienced it all – from vet visits to hoof trims, dental checkups, and beyond. In the short time they spent with us, they received an abundance of love. Whoever gets to adopt them is in for a real treat! 

Our lovely lady horses, especially Daisy, were pretty heartbroken to say their goodbyes to Hank. He was quite the heartthrob around here! While we'll miss Buzz's goofy charm, we're eagerly waiting to hear from the lucky family adopting these boys forever.

Cheers to Healing Hearts and Jerry

Big shoutout and thanks to Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge for giving Hank and Buzz a wonderful new home. And let's not forget Jerry, our awesome transporter – he even had horses bound for Hawaii in his trailer! Talk about a horse with a travel bug.

Fostering Hope: Our First Steps

Hank and Buzz marked the beginning of our fostering journey. We're all about giving a helping hand to medical cases until they're strong and healthy, ready to find their forever homes. Saying goodbye is never easy, but knowing they're off to somewhere amazing warms our farm-loving hearts.