Hurricane Harvey Rescue

Together, we saved so many.

On August 25th, 2017, south Texas was devastated by massive flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Thanks to your everyday purchases of FarmHouse Fresh products, we pooled money, employees and resources to launch a large-scale animal rescue effort from Texas to Minnesota. 50 abandoned dogs were saved, received medical care, and transported over 1,000 miles north - where they now thrive in loving, forever homes in Minnesota. Watch the video diary below to see just how much joy you helped us spread across the country! Scroll to the second video to see footage taken live from the transport vehicle. We are profoundly grateful to so many people -- it is really breathtaking what a long chain of people can accomplish together toward a greater purpose. To see the full list of volunteers, companies, and efforts that brought this operation to life, click here to go to our Farmanac.