"Hey Girl, HAY!" Spring 2020

You Helped Save Lives

If you made a purchase this spring, on particular Fridays when we announce this program, we thank you so much! Our regular “Hey Girl, HAY!” campaigns make an immediate difference. Through your love of FarmHouse Fresh products, we are able to donate several thousands of dollars to the ever-deserving Miss Jo's Rescue Ranch, with each campaign.

A personal note from Miss Jo's Rescue:

"Thank you just doesn't seem enough. The dream was always to make a good impact on the lives of animals that were suffering. The mission was simple. To do good. To honor our role as humans to care for the animals we share our lives with. A huge thank you filled with gratitude for each one of you who chose to do good. The impact was great. 10 trims were paid for. 20 round bales of hay supplied. A tiny pony was saved. A sweet yearling will be seeing a veterinarian, and your purchases made all of that happen."

– Miss Joe

If You Personally Donate, We'll Reward You:

If you contribute $10 or more to Miss Jo's Rescue Ranch, snap a screenshot and shoot us an email. We'll send you a free hand cream of your choice!

Other ways to contribute:

Sign up for our newsletter and be on the lookout for “Hey Girl, HAY!” emails every month. Make your FHF purchase that day. 20% of sales will be immediately donated to one of our favorite local rescue groups.