Hope After Heartbreak: Meet Stella & Sabrina

Things haven't been the same at our Sanctuary since we lost Willow, Summer, and Autumn. Their gentle presence is deeply missed, but their memory fuels our dedication to rescuing draft horses in need. Today, we're thrilled to share the story of two special arrivals, Stella and Sabrina!

From Sale Barn to Sanctuary

We found Stella and Sabrina at a local sale barn in a terrible condition. Their ribs protruded, and they limped due to neglected and overgrown hooves.

They also showed signs of a neurological disease called Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM). This debilitating condition can affect their balance, coordination, and overall movement.

These magnificent creatures didn't deserve such neglect. They deserved a safe haven, and that's exactly what they found when they arrived at our Sanctuary.

A Complete Checkup

Dr. Chisholm gave Stella and Sabrina a thorough check-up. This included bloodwork, lung checks, and a special test called a "pharyngeal wash" to see if they had Strangles (also known as Strep Equi). The results showed they were both very malnourished, scoring only a 2.5 and 3 out of 9 on a body condition scale. Thankfully, their blood work looked good, and they didn't have pneumonia!

Strep Zoo Surprise

There was another twist in the tests! While Stella's Strangles test was negative (good news!), it turns out she, along with our two newest rescues (Maggie and Benny), tested positive for something called Strep Zoo. Don't worry, Strep Zoo is a much milder version of Strangles and isn't contagious to other horses. We'll still treat all three with antibiotics just to be safe!

The Road to Recovery Begins

Stella and Sabrina are finally settled in at our Sanctuary, safe and surrounded by love. Their journey back to health has begun, and our biggest concern right now is getting them to a healthy weight. They need all the love and good food we can give them! So, we're piling on the all-you-can-eat alfalfa hay and gradually increasing their grain to give their bodies the fuel they need to heal and rebuild strength.

Their neglected hooves are definitely a source of pain, and Dr. Metcalf is working on a plan to get them trimmed as soon as possible. We'll keep them comfortable with pain medication during their recovery from both the hoof issues and the overall weakness caused by malnourishment. We’ll also start treatment for EPM.

A Brighter Future Awaits

Stella and Sabrina's story is far from over, but it's a story filled with hope. Thanks to your support, they have a chance to heal, play, and thrive in a loving environment. We'll continue to share updates on their progress, and we can't wait to see them blossom under our care!