Lila the Lovebug

Lila: One gigantic hug, looking for a family

We were introduced to Lila (formerly named "Rags" - yes - "Rags") through an urgent call for help on Facebook. This precious girl was code red at the Fort Worth, Texas Animal Shelter, which means she could be euthanized at any moment. How on earth a potty trained "Super Snuggler" (we call them this when they wrap their arms around you like a person and lay their head on your shoulder) gets disowned and dropped off is beyond words.

FHF & WoofStock can't resist

In partnership with WoofStock 2nd Chance Camp of Little Elm, we rescued Lila. She's been living at the FHF Ranch, super snuggling EVERY visitor: the handyman, the tree keeper, the interior designer, the interviewee... She will be transitioning to Woofstock's team where she will go on a two-second road show to be adopted. We say 2 seconds because this little girl is a DREAM DOG.

Hurry & call if you want super snuggling

If you've been looking for the most amazing, easy, lovable dog for you and your family, contact WoofStock right away. Lila loves other dogs of all sizes. From mini yappy yorkies to boisterous corgis... Lila nearly super snuggled them all during her foster stay at The Ranch! If you're ever in Little Elm, check out the super popular WoofStock Festival and fundraiser, and consider being a foster! This group loves to get shelter animals out into temporary home environments where they get to enjoy a loving family before being placed with their forever home.

WoofStock 2nd Chance Camp is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, which means that all the care for their animals is based on public donations. Your purchases of FarmHouse Fresh products made a difference! If you are moved by this team's efforts, consider making a private donation.

The Pawsitive Update:

Lila's been adopted! Her new name is Roxie and her forever human home is full of other adorable maltese and terrier rescue dogs. She sleeps in her parent's bed each night, which for her, we know is absolute heaven! We wish you many "goodnights" sweet Roxie.