Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch rescued goats at FarmHouse Fresh Sanctuary

Little Nuggets Have a Home Here

A man called from across the county after seeing us on The Today Show. He had a few baby goats who rolled out from under a fence and were stomped on by his mule. They were missing arms, and one couldn't use his back legs. He couldn't afford to help them and didn't know what to do.   

We quickly called a local hospital and arranged to have a doctor treat them. It's these quick moments where we are so grateful to be able to use profits from your purchases to step in, during an emergency! We never know what the outcome will be, we only know we'll give it all we've got. 

Sadly, one of the girls was so badly injured, she would have no quality of life even if we could save two of her legs. It was heartbreaking news, but we knew we had to allow the vets to help her pass peacefully. Lilo (black and white female) and Stitch (gray boy) came to our Sanctuary. They are Kiko goats - just 3 weeks old. Stitch has an open wound where his arm is missing and a bone is protruding out at his shoulder. He might need surgery, but his iron levels are too low to attempt it. Meanwhile, bone fragments continue to be pushed out by his body every time we clean and treat his wound.  It might be possible that granulation tissue will form, and he will not need to have surgery. 

Stitch goes to the vet

Several Vet Trips - Blood Transfusion Next

We've been adding Red Cell iron supplement to Stitch's food each day, but he's not keeping up the count. So in another week he'll be going back to our veterinarian for a blood transfusion! We hope this will give him more energy, and the opportunity for surgery if he needs it.

Lilo and Stitch are living in Gil's Barn, our sheep house, where they are being raised by our 7 sheep. Because these two came in with health conditions and Stitch hops on 3 legs, we think it's safest for them to join our sheep herd where they'll live separately from our horses and larger goats. So far, they're loving their new family and lounging around all day!

Lilo & Stitch lounging

Lilo is a curious little girl. She's learning from Flower & Blossom (the sheep we bottle fed in our offices) to jump on the hay truck when it arrives. She's playful - and all 3 of them wrestle with our muck carts, and grab the end of our shop vac hose when we're cleaning their hill. We think Stitch will be right there with them, once we get his blood transfusion and begin looking into options to help him walk a little easier.  Welcome to the Sanctuary Lilo & Stitch! 

Lilo & Stitch laying in the field at FarmHouse Fresh Sanctuary