Lolly & Pops

Baaaaack at the Ranch, It's All Horns and Smiles!

Meet Lolly (the white Alpine on the left) and Pops (the little gray man). Lolly was surrendered to the North Texas Humane Society -- sadly he was being kept in a tiny space by his previous owners who claimed Lolly became mean (imagine that?!). This beautiful man is our equivalent of a lap dog. One scratch and he follows you toe-to-toe begging for more. Our horses love him... like loooooove him.... licking his horns and ears for long enough periods of time that Lolly actually falls asleep!

Pops was bottle fed at the rescue. He's a very talkative little man. And a total hoot to watch. This week he's jumped atop a massive feed truck that restocked our barn and turned a trailer full of garbage bags into a Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit. His favorite activity is playfully sparring with Lolly. Check out the videos below.