Lucy's Weekend Hospital Stay

Here at the Sanctuary, our top priority is the well-being of all our rescued animals. That's why we were concerned when Lucy, one of our beloved senior horses, started showing signs of discomfort on Saturday afternoon.

Lucy Shows Signs of Distress

We noticed Lucy lying down in her stall, stretching her neck and shifting her body – clear signs that something wasn't right. We quickly got her up and administered pain medication, which offered some temporary relief. But Lucy still wasn't her usual spunky self, prompting us to take her to the equine hospital for a more thorough check-up.

Diagnosis: Dehydration

Thankfully, Lucy's bloodwork and ultrasound results came back normal, except for one key finding: dehydration. Despite our best efforts – providing ample water troughs and buckets, offering leafy timothy hay for gut health, and even treating them to a special "soup" packed with water – the brutal Texas heat had taken its toll.

Prevention is Key

We're incredibly grateful for our dedicated ranch team who are constantly on the lookout for any changes in our horses' behavior. Their quick action and having a wonderful equine hospital down the road ensured Lucy received the care she needed!

Lucy spent the weekend receiving fluids at the hospital before returning to the herd on Monday, back to her usual feisty self! This experience serves as a reminder of the constant vigilance required to keep our rescued horses happy and healthy.