Mae's Health Scare & Miraculous Comeback

We've got some big news to share about our dear Mae, the 35-year-old rescue horse. This week kicked off with a major challenge when our team found Mae down in her stall. It was a tense moment for all of us, but thanks to a prompt evaluation by Dr. Metcalf and a trip to Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital to see Dr. Chisholm, we discovered that it wasn't colic, as we initially thought. Mae tested positive for Cushing's syndrome.

One Year with Mae

Our girl is now on a daily medication routine, and our incredible Sanctuary team is pouring love and care into her like never before. And here's the thing – we've reached a milestone. It's Mae's 1-year anniversary with us! She's come a long way, showing us what true resilience means. While this isn't quite the celebration we had in mind, we're immensely grateful for your unwavering support that's ensuring she gets the best possible care during this challenging time.

Weekend Watch

Live update from the hospital with Mae! Her bloodwork has improved – she is off fluids, but she will stay over the weekend to be monitored.

Thriving at the Hospital

Despite her health scare, Mae has been thriving during her stay at the hospital. Dr. Chisholm even shared a video that captures Mae's amazing progress. However, her bloodwork reveals that she's still dealing with significant inflammation. So, we've decided to be cautious and keep her under hospital supervision.

Home Sweet Home

Finally, we have the most heartwarming news to share – Mae is HOME! After spending a week and a half at the hospital, she showed incredible improvements in her bloodwork and her appetite. We knew it was time to bring Mae back to the Farm where she truly belongs. Our vet suspects that she had hepatitis, so we're keeping her on two antibiotics while keeping a close eye on her bloodwork. Mae's return to the farm is a moment of pure joy, and we couldn't be happier to have her back in her familiar surroundings.