Mae Update: Home Sweet Sanctuary

Ever since Mae returned from the hospital after recovering from Strangles, her progress has been nothing short of amazing. She’s currently living with the donkeys and goats, while also enjoying her own freshly padded stall.

Wholesome Meals for Mae

Mae receives hot soaked food multiple times a day, a crucial step in her journey to regain lost weight. The result? She's eating better than she has in months, showing such an amazing turnaround in her health!

Daily Outings and Socializing

Each morning, after receiving her medications, Mae eagerly trots out into the pasture to soak up the sun and mingle with the donkeys. At night, she heads back to her cozy stall with a heater and blanket – staying warm and snug.

Mae's Fighting Spirit

Mae is not just a survivor; she's a fighter living her best life since returning home. Your generous support has played a crucial role in giving horses like Mae the fighting chance they deserve. Mae's story is far from over. She continues to write new chapters in her story with each step of her journey!