Jamison the Mammoth Mule

Your Purchases Helped Save Him

Meet Jamison the mammoth mule! He was rescued by our friends at Now That I'm Safe Equine Rescue. He is severely lame with a club foot and was most likely working farm land in this condition his entire life. He has found a home thanks to donations from several donors, including FarmHouse Fresh. Jamison was seen by a vet who confirmed that the mule had cellulitis in his back feet, from years of pulling tractors. It’s not causing pain, however he did get treated with antibiotics. His hoof on the club foot just needs to be cut and trimmed every few weeks. He won’t ever be sound again but he can still live a happy life being a pasture pet. The vet also determined that Jamison is 10 to 12 years old.

New Beginnings

Jamison had a good home, but sometimes life happens. Less than 3 weeks since adopting Jamison, his new dad came upon a difficult situation and he was responsible enough to let Now That I'm Safe Equine Rescue know that he wasn't going to be able to keep him. KC's Equine picked him up and kept him while hoping for a new forever home. It didn't take long for Benjamin, who was one of his original donors, to step up and take him to Yuma, AZ for his happily ever after! Thanks to your purchases, Jamison is now going to have a great long life.