North Texas Wildlife Center

When Wildlife Gets A New Life 

No - we didn't find this beaver. But we met him, after our team member stumbled onto 2 newborn bunnies in our pasture. See the photo insets. Can you spot the bunnies in the dirt? They're just the size of pebbles. We do know to "leave baby bunnies where you find them" for the mom to come back. But we saw the mom had lost her life, and they were now in our pasture with our horses and they would not have survived! 

So we reached out to the North Texas Wildlife Center, and they were willing to add these two munchins to their many wildlife rescues that includes baby beavers, owls, armadillos, squirrels - every kind of wildlife creature that was in need within 50 miles, is being cared for here. 

What is so incredible to witness with centers like this, is the care and dedication to every single animal. Even when the team and volunteers are exhausted. Every detail matters. They showed us how they put a paint dot on the heads of the bunnies and squirrels based on the medication routines they need. They use feeding tubes to keep the baby armadillos alive and growing until they can feed themselves. There is a level of care of that is unparalleled across such a wide variety of species. Teams like this are a treasure for communities everywhere. These are those people that "just know what to do." 

We were over the moon to donate funds from your FarmHouse Fresh® product purchases to this team, to help them not just with our bunnies but with all of their little treasures that will be released back to the wild when they have recovered, with love.

Do You Know Anyone With A Rural Building Near Richardson, Texas? 

What this center needs most is a space for a large rehab clinic! These teams start as families and individuals and they have outgrown their current space. If you know of anyone with space that could open their hearts to a non-profit fixture of the community, please reach out to North Texas Wildlife Center! Visit their website for other details on how you can help. Organizations like this do not have large donors and rely on people in the community who support their work! Any assistance you can provide will be immediately put to use.