Parker: Helped by a Farmie

Parker - Helped by a Farmie

A fellow Farmie helped make this happen

In May, a Farmie tagged us on Instagram - @gizmo_bugsy_thor_baby_pickles - alerting us to help save Parker. A big thanks to @gizmo because without her nudge, we may never have known this rescue needed help! Using FarmHouse Fresh product purchases, we were able to donate to Parker's care and transport.

Parker was found as a stray

From the original Instagram post on May 6th, 2021 by @thepawerfulrescue: “Parker was found as a stray in Compton, emaciated, and with a growth on his genitals…he had to have his urinary tract removed so that he urinates out the rear much like a mare. He also has an infection on his two back hooves that the shelter has been treating.

Parker - Helped by a Farmie

Since arriving at the shelter he has put on a few hundred pounds and looks great, his hooves are in better shape, however he has deep thrush in his two rear hooves and in his two front he has canker. Not sure if you are familiar with canker but it is a bacterial infection that can be difficult to cure. He only has a little in the right front but his left has a portion that is very painful for him when touched at all. Canker is contracted by being in a wet area for a long period of time, he was covered in dirt clods that were painful to remove and took time.

He has been staying at the @savingbaldwinparkshelterdogs shelter for over a month now. Everyone who has reached out to the shelter about Parker has not scheduled a meet after hearing his medical condition. Let’s save Parker!”

Parker goes to a horse rescue

With increased visibility, sharing and donations, Parker was taken to All Seated in a Barn nonprofit. This fantastic equine rescue team in Bakersfield, California has helped rescue and rehome thousands of animals. Parker was placed at another fabulous rescue - Tango's Wings nonprofit where he continues to heal! Visit their site to see videos of his progress.

You can see just how many groups of loving individuals it takes to make a difference in the lives of animals. We are grateful to be a part, and to all our customers who make this possible through the purchase of FarmHouse Fresh products!